Online Brand Makeovers Aren’t Just For Superheroes

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Great Hera! There has been a rash of online branding makeovers happening this summer. The message is clear: if your brand’s new-and-improved image is something people will buzz about, it will translate to sales. For evidence of this, look no further than Wonder Woman.

She of the invisible jet and the shoddy stepchild treatment from DC Comics made international web news when photos of her new look and image hit the Internet. Hipsters applauded the sassy jacket and tough chick demeanor. Purists cried foul. Even Fox News wondered if Wonder Woman wasn’t being forced into looking less patriotic. All of this talk was good news for a brand that hasn’t generated much buzz since Lynda Crater spun her into television history over 30 years ago. The Amazon princess turned out to be a real goddess at the comic book store, too. Wonder Woman #600, at the time of this blog, has entered its second printing and breaking sales records. Sure, people are still kvetching about the look and new origin storyline, but it doesn’t matter. DC took a risk and it paid off.

True, not all of us have the PR juggernauts of Time-Warner behind us, just waiting to promote the heck out of our latest brand makeover. But every small business can infuse its trusted brand with something new and newsworthy. As seen via Wonder Woman, if we offer our customer base something new, then media will pick up on it. If your cafe is offering a new online menu, for example, send out digital press releases to let food bloggers know about the changes. Likewise, if your technical company is starting a groundbreaking service, alert the tech geeks (pronto!). Social media is great for new campaign and brand makeovers. Your Facebook page can instantly update your already faithful following to watch for exciting changes. Facebook is a great way to test-run and get feedback on new products and campaigns that your company is working on. Lastly, all of your already-in-place digital marketing avenues can be put into play for fresh, exciting visual campaigns or announcements of recently-updated websites.

How do you, dear Brandsplat readers, feel about the new Wonder Woman? Do you have a digital makeover in the works? If so, how will online branding and social media make your latest venture a talked-about hit? Tell us in the comments below!

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