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What with all of this Google, Apple and Twitter news this week it seems like it has been an eternity since we’ve heard a peep out of the bombastic yet reliable Facebook publicity machine. Well, fear not. I was able to dig up the latest in Facebook dirt in the suddenly neglected (yeah right!) social media superstar’s life.

For starters, this spiffy, little study showed that Facebook as well as Twitter both experienced a big bump last year in use on mobile phones. How big you ask? A whopping 112% and 347% respectively for the two social media giants. Smart-phones are being listed as the cause of the sudden growth spurt.  In general the study also found that 11% of cellphone owners used their phones exclusively to access social media sites, up 6% from last year.  Big digits like this should be motivation for us to keep our fan pages current and loaded with all kinds of amazing treats.

Facebook is also being attributed for bringing television and comedy legend Betty White to Saturday Night Live. White,who killed it in her Super Bowl ad, has been the subject of an aggressive  Facebook campaign to bring the star to guest host the long-running but barely funny these days NBC staple. Nearly half a million people joined the Facebook group to bring White to SNL over the last month and on her way into Elton John’s Oscar party, the beloved star confirmed that she would be appearing on the show at some point. Aaah, the power of the people.

Lastly, should we have any doubts about hiring that dedicated Facebook whiz to manage our FB accounts, reports like this one should ease our troubled minds. Sharespost estimates that Facebook could see profits hit a rocking $11 billion this year! That’s a heck of a lot of flare and Farmville. But really. the more Facebook grows so do our avenues to reach our clients and so do our opinions on social media marketing.

Clearly our Facebook obsession (or Jan Brady may even call it favoritism) is so far holding strong in 2010. So my question to you, Brandsplatees, is how long will this love affair last and furthermore how are you going to use Facebook to your advantage?

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