New Year’s Resolutions for Social Media Marketing

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New Year

We”™ve come to that point in the holiday season where people magically go from being festive and jolly to being remorseful and hell-bent on changing their ways. While we think the whole resolution process is usually one of self-mutilation rather than self-realization, there isn”™t anything wrong with making a list of priorities and things we”™d like to improve. Social media marketing can always use updating and innovation, so we think it”™s an excellent place to start making revolutionary resolutions.

Unfollow, Defriend, Purge: Think of this as the “cleaning house” resolution. The new year is a fabulous opportunity to get rid of Twitter friends who don”™t follow you back, dead e-mail addresses on your newsletter mailing list and Facebook friends you don”™t really know. The social media purge is important so you can effectively speak to your audience without sifting through dead-end friends. The purge should be done regularly and, once you get in the habit, it doesn”™t take terribly long.

Vow to Try Something New: Never done a geolocation event? Been scared to dip your toe in the LinkedIn pool? Have a great idea for an app? Well, 2011 is the year to try all the new social media techniques you”™ve been dying to integrate. The great thing about social media marketing is that it is relatively low-risk – so why not just go for it? Besides, you”™ll never know if you don”™t try.

Elevate Your Content: Now that you”™re sparkly clean and trying new things, our last resolution challenges you to upgrade your social media content. We blather on and on about our website and blog content being of the highest quality, but what of our social media marketing content? Shouldn”™t our tweets and Facebook updates be of the same stellar quality as the rest of our branding? In short, stop making your social media content an after-thought.

Now it is your turn, readers. Tell us what marketing resolutions you have for 2011!

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