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Blog writing and blog marketing every day of the year isn’t a walk in the park. Creatively blogging for business takes a lot of stamina, ingenuity and, mainly, a lot of posts. So it isn’t surprising that after blogging for a long period of time, many of our clients run out of steam. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a few easy tips to help your old blog feel like new again.

The Main Event: If you have the type of company that attends trade shows, conferences and big industry events, then you should be covering it for your blog. Not only does this solve the daily “what should I write about?” problem but it, if properly tagged, invites potentially thousands of new readers. Labelling your posts with the event titles will help folks find your posts  on search engines and maybe introduce you to fresh followers. Videos, photos and good, old-fashion blog posts from these events elevates your blog from standard corporate blah-blah-blah to a source covering big events your readers care about. 

Design Time: Maybe it’s not your content. Maybe you just have an ugly blog. It’s okay. A lot of brands do. Summer is a fabulous opportunity to redo the look of your blog. We’ve recommended this several times in these pages, with good reason: Almost 90 percent of the time after a blog facelift, there is a bump in readership. We like new and shiny things, so of course we respond to new blog design. There are literally thousands of blog posts, websites and services devoted to blog layouts, making the makeover easier than ever. 

Change Your Focus: Other times, it is the subject matter that is stagnant and uninteresting. Luckily, there’s no law stating that your company blog has to cover the same topics forever. Properly and objectively assess your current blog post topics. What’s working? What isn’t? What could you add? Do you need more images or more videos? Honestly answer these questions and we’ll bet you’ll come up with fresh and concise blogging ideas your followers will come back for. 

Make New Friends: Social media is terrific for marketing our blogs, but in many cases, it isn’t enough. New readers with their compelling comments will instantly add new zest to an old blog. To court new readers, read and comment on more blogs. It really is that easy. There are dozens if not hundreds of bloggers who blog about things you and your readers are interested in. They probably just don’t know you’re out there, so by commenting on a blog with similar topics to yours, you are saying, “Hey! I’m here. Let me join the party!” Reading other blogs is also an invaluable way to learn even more blogging ideas and tips by seeing what works for other bloggers.


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