Mommy blogs bring home the bacon.

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Companies have utilized the power of blogging to build stronger customer relations, generate new qualified leads and sales, and build a readership list quickly and inexpensively. But now, research shows, moms are getting into the act. Moms have always been social networking experts in the offline world. Mommy clubs on the local and neighborhood level abound. Moms naturally tend to congregate and share tips on raising a healthy family and swapping stories about what works and doesn’t. Blogging offers mothers a fantastic platform to be social, to network and to share information quickly and effectively. What’s more interesting is that these women sometimes have multiple blogs and in some cases, these blogs generate income. Yep, that’s right, moms are getting into the ecommerce world in full effect with blog marketing. Mommy blogs can generate income in multiple ways. Selling ad space is one. Google Adsense (a program that enables website publishers to display relevant Google ads) is another. Some moms use blogging to promote their own products, books they’ve written and even services. And the big money comes from companies that sponsor mommy blogs they feel fit within their brand image. So mommy blogging isn’t just about advice on how to potty train Sally or wiping little juniors nose. Moms are giving birth to a whole new way of generating income and stoking the flames of the online economy one blog post at a time.

Enzo F. Cesario


  1. Roberta says

    As an often-frustrated SAHM, i’ve been an avid mommy blog reader for about 2 years now. some are good – some stink. I dont particuarly care for the blogs that review products, which is what alot seem to be doing these days. I like the mom blogs where mothers share their experiences or tell funny posts — i need the laugh. I like and cuz they sum up articles of interest and allow me to weed out the junk.

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