Moisturizer for Dry Blogs

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How do we put this delicately without offending? Some blog content management strategies can be a real challenge when the subject matter is… well, uh, maybe a little too dry for the average reader. After all, our blogging-for-business efforts are supposed to excite readers and inspire them to learn more about our products and services, not put them in a deep sleep. Luckily, we’re pros at this sort of thing. Here’s our list of 3 easy tips to turn that dry blog into something juicy and readable regardless of subject matter. 

Explain and Entertain: So you know when you’re at a party and somebody asks you, “What is that you do?” and you have a clever couple of sentences that you rattle off about your business? Do that with your blog posts. It is entirely possible for company blogs to talk about the day-to-day happenings and inner workings of their business in an entertaining manner even when the company itself might not be all that fascinating. See the TSA blog, the PayPal blog and the Department of the Interior blog for real-life proof. 

Nibbles, Not Meals: Believe it or not, there are great blogs out there written by engineers, lawyers, medical companies and geologists. The thing all these blogs have in common is the ability to disperse their expertise in short, bite-size posts. Research shows that somewhere over 400 but under 700 words is the magical blog length sweet spot. Remember, you don’t have to cover everything in one post. Blog readers will come back. Tackle one subject per post in an engaging fashion. Spread your wealth of knowledge to future posts. Videos, infographics, memes and original images also make for easy-to-digest (and even easier to link) blog posts. 

Wonder Words: In the Internet ocean of bad writing, things like good grammar, clever copy and good, old-fashioned kick-butt storytelling stand out. Great writing never goes out of style, even in this age of aggressive content marketing. In fact, unique and well-crafted copy proves to be more delicious to search engines time and again (and continues to do so with every Google algorithm update). Read great blogs and books for inspiration and you’ll be writing dynamic posts in no time. Take the time to write it well — or have somebody else do it for you — and your blog will never feel dry again.

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