Mobile and Social Media: The Super Couple We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Attention Batman and Robin, RPattz and KStew, Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Brad and Angie: Eat your hearts out. No other dynamic duo continues to captivate and explode in popularity like social media and mobile phones. Social media marketing experts have long known the power of the combination of sites like Facebook and Twitter with smartphones. And now new numbers courtesy of comScore suggest that our love for this terrific twosome is only going to grow deeper.

According to this new study, the number of mobile users over the age of 13 who accessed a social networking or blog using their mobile phone has increased by a whopping 37 percent since last year. But the real eye-opener in these findings is that 50 percent of these users say they use social media on their phones on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, it’s Facebook that most mobile users check in with the most. Facebook has a mobile audience of 60 million a month, with no signs of slowing down. Twitter, with 13.4 million monthly mobile visitors, is also no slouch when it comes to social media and mobile.

The study found that the majority of the folks who order from the social media/mobile combo menu are readers. Roughly 58 million users go to Facebook and Twitter to read what their friends are up to and to check out newsfeeds, while 50 million produce new content (like status updates) on their phones. The study also finds 38 million mobile users are using their phones to read messages, use coupons and enter contests from their favorite brands. All of these numbers are good news for marketers and digital engagement specialists. Stats like these re-enforce our belief that if our brand’s messages are on social media, then they’re also in consumers’ pockets and on their smartphones.

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