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Every so often, as readers of all things Internet and eternal blog scanners, we are lucky enough to run into a blog wherein the creator of the blog is writing about something they truly love. This is a revolutionary concept, as many blogs read as if the poor soul behind the laptop had a gun pointed to the back of his head while a person in a mask barked orders like, “Blog about Michelle Bachmann or else!” The point is maybe blogging about what we love can translate to more readers, better conversations with our audiences and endless inspiration for blog topics.

A clear case of a blogger in love with what they blog about is Annie from Annie’s Eats. This happy homemaker truly loves baking yumminess in the forms of pies, cakes, and everything you can possibly shove into an oven. Her blog sings with inspiration. And the reader finds themselves saying “ooh… I want to make those cupcakes” even if they’ve never made a cupcake before. While not all of us get to blog about universally-loved things like cupcakes, every writer has the opportunity to infuse his or her work with the passion and zeal that they personally have for life. When that passion is in your blog, readers can tell. Love for your blogging topic can manifest all sorts of wonderful things, from more links to book deals and beyond. Also, by blogging about what we love, there is little risk we’ll run out of things to say. When there is a passions for what we’re blogging about, the topics and inspiration just seem to come with little or no struggle.

In the end, blogs are creative works which require love, passion, interest, fire and thought. Leaving those things out of the equation leaves readers in the cold. So if you’re passionate about massage and your business, then by all means — the world needs a good massage blog and you should be the person to do it. Otherwise, somebody who isn’t passionate about massage could wind up writing blandly on the topic you are in love with and that would just be wrong.

If you need help writing a blog that people will fall in love with, we can help with that too!

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