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Not that long ago, Facebook marketing mavens were desperate to get “Likes.” The pursuit of likes for companies of all sizes became priority numero uno. Facebook management strategies for mega-brands and indie shops alike had likes on their minds and weren’t going to stop until they figured out how to be the most liked page on Facebook. Then we all kind of realized that likes didn’t always translate to dollars and moved onto the next thing. Yet likes for your company’s Facebook page are still important. The visibility a simple like brings to potential consumers is incredibly powerful. Why? Because each time a customer likes a brand’s page, it shows up in their friends’ newsfeeds, meaning endless potential for reaching out to new followers and consumers. We think you can (and should) still be on the hunt for likes, and here are some ethical, creative and even inspiring ways to get them:

The Maple Ridge Vet Clinic in Geneseo, Ill., for example, used some good deeds to get Facebook likes. Owner Dr. Matt Nelson recently called upon Facebook fans to help the local humane society. For every like the Maple Ridge Vet Clinic received on Facebook, Nelson pledged to donate a pound of cat food to a nearby animal shelter. Animal lovers couldn’t resist such a heartfelt promotion, so the clinic ended up with 150 pounds of cat food and The Maple Ridge Vet Clinic got more likes in the process, too. Nelson got likes for just being a nice guy. There’s a groundbreaking concept!

“Like lottos” are another good way to inspire more likes for your page. Authors can give away books. Theaters can give away tickets. Bakeries can give away cupcakes, and so on. Like lottos are easy to run — set a prize and give it away to the follower who is your desired number of like. Just keep it realistic. Facebookers won’t play if your goal is several hundred likes away. You want your followers to feel like they have a real chance of winning. Instead, go for 50 or under.

And yet you can have all the great giveaways and cool charity donations in the world and if your page doesn’t have good content, no one will care. Dynamic, frequently-updated content is still the best way to get likes. If you post interesting blogs, eye-catching images and unforgettable with regularity, there’s no question that your branded Facebook page will garner more likes.

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