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Although there are folks determined to turn Twitter into some kind of platform to discuss serious issues, the majority of Twitter users and marketers try to keep it light and fun. In fact, sponsored games – those which use Twitter as a channel to stir up good times while promoting their brands – have been on the rise over the last several months.

From scavenger hunts to trivia, businesses are challenging their followers to engage in good, old-fashioned social media silliness. Concert tickets, free airfare from JetBlue, boxing swag from Floyd Mayweather and books have been given away over the last few months to Twitter users who are game enough to play along. Now Jeep has come up with an awesome Twitter-based puzzle that not only challenges game enthusiasts but also puts Twitter fanatics to task against the clock.

Jeep Puzzle invites followers to create a mosaic using profiles from the old version of Twitter. Tweeps who follow Jeep Puzzle are directed to collect profiles that in reality are just puzzle pieces. How users follow the images and in what order determines whether or not they solve the puzzle. Jeep Puzzle players who have solved the puzzle – or think that they have – race against one another to have their puzzles verified by Jeep. Winners are announced via Twitter and other puzzles are released as play continues. Puzzle masters, or those who are the first to complete the mosaics, get all kinds of goodies from Jeep.

There are ten puzzles in all; so far, response to the promotion has been enthusiastic. Jeep Puzzle is a limited time promotion that started at the end of October and ends in a few days. The hashtag #jeeppuzzle has started trending and popping up in news feeds, which is a sign of Twitter marketing success.

The success and innovation of Jeep Puzzle is another example of how the automotive industry has hopped into social media marketing headfirst. Brands like Ford, GM and Jeep now are getting major attention by tuning into social media and in the process creating marketing models any size company can use. And the great thing about social media marketing games is that everybody can play.

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