Less is Almost Always More in Blogging

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With so much noise out there on the Interwebs today, wouldn’t it be refreshing to visit a blog where one idea is presented in a clean, straightforward fashion? Just think of the sigh of relief you feel stepping into a sleek, modern home after spending a week at your nicknacky grammy’s, or the calm quiet your own home gets once the kids are asleep and their toys are put away.

Well, why not your blog?

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Brandsplat is taking no more time than absolutely necessary to make a point. We know we’re on borrowed time here, and that your readers are only willing to give you a quick once-over before moving on — unless you can capture their hearts and minds for longer.

You do that by writing in a clear fashion about something you know and care a great deal about, whether that’s the law or making handbags or, well, anything at all. Your voice — the tone you use, the length of your sentences and the words you select — often communicates as much about you as the content. That’s another trick we Brandsplatters know: How to weave content and tone together into a tightly-knit package for your readers.

So take a look at your favorite blogs today. We bet the ones you read time and time again are carefully-crafted, concise nuggets of knowledge, not epic poems of meh.

When you’re ready for your blog to be on your audience’s go-to reading list, give us a call at 800-299-5498 or drop us a line at hello [at] brandsplat [dot] com.

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