Less Hatin’, More Collaborating: Why Guest Blogging Makes Sense

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Don’t get us wrong: It’s definitely a good thing to have your voice on your brand engagement and social media marketing efforts because you are, after all, selling yourself. But as we tweet all day and write our own blogs, and put our special stamp all over our digital branding it’s hard not to get tired of ourselves. This year we’ve seen tons of big brands, artists, tech gurus, and media companies partner on different promotional ventures. In sticky economic times collaboration makes sense for the bottom line but it also helps to keep our marketing efforts fresh while lightening our digital load.

Content creators have long praised the virtues of guest blogging and with good reason. Hosting another writer with a solid following who understands your blog is an easy way to turn on potential new readers and clients. Moreover, guest bloggers can give harried bloggers a day off. So what do we look for when we’re looking for guest bloggers? Most obviously and importantly, we want guest bloggers who ‘get it”. And by get it we don’t just mean understand your business and your blog but also get the medium as a whole. You want effective guests writers who will engage your audience while potentially bringing another audience to the table. Which brings us to the next point, a guest blogger with his or her own set of devotees is a must. We can’t all rope in celebrities to write blogs a la Huffington Post but we can get bloggers in our field to share their experience with our readers. Even if a guest blogger can only bring in ten new readers to your blog, it’s worth doing since that handful of people may never have visited your site.

Guest bloggers can bring new problems like missed deadlines and major editing drama but in the end the pros outweigh the cons. So fair readers, share with us your experiences with guest blogging in the comments section below. And if you need help getting your blog together, check this out.

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