Learning from the Most Engaged Brands on Twitter

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Back in April, Nestivity released a list of the most engaged brands using Twitter for business. This list featured the creme de la creme of companies who don’t just tweet their faces off but also interact with their followers.

“Most brands have fallen into the trap of using Twitter for push marketing: broadcasting messages and expecting to influence customers with little to no listening or community building,” says Nestivity founder and president Henry Min in an interview with Mashable. “This view of Twitter as a one-way communication tool severely limits quality interactions between brands and their customers. It is a short-sighted use of an inherently interactive communication channel.”

To expand our Twitter practices, we wanted to check out how these big companies were using Twitter and see if small businesses can use some of the same Twitter engagement tactics.

With nearly 5 million followers, romantic quote factory and meme generator Notebook of Love tops Nestivity’s list for most engaged. While this kind of sappy romance stuff might not be everyone’s bag, what Notebook of Love does right is tweet a lot. By delivering the kind of tweets its audience wants all day long, the brand stays on top and is a favorite of Twitter’s ever-growing female audience.

Both Disneyworld and Disney appear on the list (at numbers 2 and 5, respectively) meaning that somebody at the House of Mouse knows how to tweet and how to engage followers. Disney tweets dozens of those famous images from its iconic animated films. Small companies can take a hint from this and start Tweeting pictures of their own products and services.

ESPN came in at number 3, and a glance at its page will easily tell you why. ESPN has mastered Twitter marketing by using tweets both to give the latest sports news headlines and also to start lively conversations with its followers. Back and forth discussions are what Twitter was built for, and if you’re not using it for that, you’re missing out.

Friends, now it’s your turn. Tell us how you engage your followers on Twitter and give a shout out to your most-engaging fellow tweeters in the comments section below!

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