Killing Negativity, One Tweet at a Time

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When tackling Twitter marketing, it’s always good to check out what other brands are rocking. Sometimes you’ll be inspired, while other times you’ll be glad your little company didn’t make the big mistakes that huge companies have made on Twitter. Either way, it’s educational and entertaining. Lately, some campaigns have been using Twitter hashtags and Twitter themed apps to battle bad behavior.

Take this awesome Twitter effort from Mentos. Less of a campaign and more of an app, Mentos has unveiled an effort to help keep negativity out of our Twitter feeds. The Negative Tweet Eliminator is actually a Facebook app starring that guru of minty awesomeness, Zen master Dragee. In the app, Dragee sits cross-legged and blows up bad tweets in real time. While the tweets are actually still on Twitter, the considerate bearded mystic at least rids your newsfeed of tweets with negative hashtags like #Fail.

Funny and timely stuff, considering how many Twitter battles are raging at this particular moment. Incorporating positivity and humor into our social media messages is a good way to wage a war on bad social media juju.

Less effective is an awareness campaign to stop misogyny. The hashtag #mencallmethings was launched by blogger Sady Doyle to draw attention to the hateful terms men call women on Twitter. While well-meaning and subversive, the hashtag doesn’t quite hit the mark because it actually fuels misogynistic phrases; in fact, dozens popped up minutes after the tag was launched. That being said, it’s hard not to call it a success because #mencallmethings got pundits and feminists and marketers all talking about the campaign… and that is why most of us tweet in the first place!

So there’s a few recent Twitter campaigns stamping out bad vibes. But let’s hear from you: Do any campaigns on Twitter have you inspired? And how do you do your part to spread cyber sunshine?

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