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Imagine a blog where the content fills the entire screen. Picture taking your words and photos and turning them into a near cinematic experience in size and depth. The concept sounds too high art and too magazine-like for your standard blog, but Jux has just made this possible. Jux is the latest slick graphic blogging platform to capture the attention of tech writers and bloggers alike. The concept behind Jux is bold and unusual and after reading about it everywhere, I decided to take it for a spin.

When a visitors first arrives in Juxland, they quickly realize they aren’t in blogging Kansas anymore. Jux looks like one of those cool European magazines that cost the price of a pizza at a newsstand. But more than that, Jux stands out for what’s missing: ads and links.The start-up blogging platform hopes to lure new bloggers in by delivering a full-screen blogging experience, 100 percent free from blinking advertisement plugins. Sounds enticing, so I hopped right in and made my very own Jux. What bloggers will notice right away is how Jux lets you see your blog develop as you write and create it. No more posting in boxes and then waiting to see it pop up — Jux puts you right in the action and allows users to see a clear picture of what they’re blogging in real time. It’s a little clunky to use at first, but after a few tries, the process of Juxing becomes fun and easy.

Jux is yet another sign that bloggers and blog readers want content that is full-bodied and bold. The site is part of a movement that is taking blogging into the realm once reserved for lifestyle magazines. Blogging for business can get in on the party as well. There’s no reason business-created blogs can’t hop on the style bandwagon and create beautiful and well-written blogs that people want to read.

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