It’s Time for Digital Spring Cleaning!

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My mother once wisely said, “If you’re not using it anymore, you should throw it away.” This simple, sage bit of homespun wisdom holds doubly true for content marketing and social media marketing. In the digital world, it’s easy to amass dozens of platforms and social media accounts that you pick up when it’s touted to be the next big thing. Yet once the sizzle has turned to fizzle, these stagnant channels can actually damage your brand as they sit there inactive. So we here at Brandsplat have come up with a “ditch it list” for online marketing techniques and channels that might be collecting dust and getting in the way.

Pick a Blog and Stick With It: Maybe you’ve dabbled on Blogger, posted sporadically on Tumblr or toyed with WordPress — but done none of them with any regularity. Use this season to commit to a blogging platform that you like using and that fits with your brand’s image. If you’re a law firm, for example, the über visual stylings of Tumblr probably aren’t for you. Having one regularly updated blog helps redefine and streamline your brand and makes your message easier to find.

Enough With the Multiple Twitter Accounts: Not everybody in your office needs a company voice on Twitter. We think one strong, consistent Twitter account does the trick nicely, but two should be your maximum. All contests, photos and conversations can be handled by one person on one account. Again, dead, rarely-used accounts are confusing and should be deleted.

Embrace Timeline: Yes, it looks like bad MySpace code from four years ago. Yes, it’s not user-friendly. But Timeline for Pages, as of March 30, is an inevitability. Spring clean your company’s Facebook page and take the time to curate a cool Timeline with updated pictures and branding. After all, resistance of Facebook is futile, so you might as well make the best of it.

Throw Out Old Ideas: Is an old logo that you no longer use still floating around? Is a dusty blog about a long gone campaign still stinking up your website? Then toss ’em! Think of this last tip as your digital dusting. Use this time to brush off old content, outdated information and campaigns gone long past from your website. After all, once your website is free from old clutter, you’ll have room for great new ideas.

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