Is Tablet Blogging Right For You?

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We know now that tablets have changed the way we communicate, play games, handle our business and watch videos. But have these popular little buggers made any impact on the way we conduct our blog writing and blog marketing? We’re wondering a lot about the impact tablets have had on the world of blogging these days. Sure, dozens of online magazines have talked endlessly of late about picking the right tablet for blogging, test-driving tablets with daily blog creation and reviews for the latest in tablet-friendly blogging apps. And while we know that blogging on a tablet can done, we’re still left with two questions: What kind of blogs are best suited for tablets and, more importantly, is tablet blogging good for every-blogger?

As both an iPad Mini owner and a daily blogger for several brands, I can tell you that tablets can come in very handy. Tablets are great for research and make reading other blogs more portable than lugging around the laptop. Google Reader, Kindle, Apple Books and WordPress all have terrific apps which turn blog writing research into an easier and more fun affair. When it comes to blog creation, though, it all depends on the actual blog. I create Tumblr-based blogs for different clients and those are a blast on the iPad. Since Tumblr is perfect for image-heavy blogging, tablets work incredibly well. Fashion blogs, design blogs, photo-rich real estate blogs, food-related blogging — these are fun and easy to create on a tablet. But for this writer, who admittedly was born with breakfast sausage-type fingers, writing on a touchscreen sort of sucks. It’s awkward and a little frustrating — but maybe I just lack the prowess and smaller fingers to make it more enjoyable. I’ve done it and for short posts it’s fine but I’d recommend getting a keyboard to do heavier lifting when it comes to actual writing. And if the tiny screens annoy you, blogging on a tablet isn’t going to be your thing. I personally don’t mind it and find the compact and lightweight nature of tablets to be a definite bonus.

When it comes down to it, choosing a tablet to blog with or deciding whether to blog on a tablet at all is a matter of preference. Matters of hardware and our subsequent attraction to them are subjective indeed. Just pick the tool you are most comfortable working with and that will help you create a blog your readers and consumer will enjoy visiting — regardless of how big your fingers are.

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