iPad Can Even Help You Get Divorced!

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The good folks at Apple are expecting the iPad to be lots of things — useful, buzzed about… maybe even a cause for marital discord? Early word is that relationship coaching software and legal advice have been neatly packaged into the LoveU app, which is free to download for all iPad users. Recently, psychologists have written about the disconnect that happens to a couple when a third party gadget enters the picture. Apple, upon learning of breaking studies involving iPhone addiction has taken precautions with the app which promises to help couples put down their toys and actually talk to one another…. April Fool’s!!

Happy April Fool’s everyone. Surely, I know nothing about the new iPad and, in full disclosure, I kind of don’t care. But I did dig up some other little marketing foolery for your enjoyment.

First up, this story out of Texas proves that some people who like car racing might just have a sense of humor after all — maybe not a complex one but a sense of humor nonetheless. Yesterday morning, news wires actually reported that morning radio DJ Terry Dorsey had legally changed his name to TexasMotorSpeedway.com after accepting a $100,000 offer from the company’s president, Eddie Gossage. In the world of professional race car driving, Gossage is known for wacky offers, so this didn’t seem too far outside the realm of possibility. Yet after local papers ran with it and the station got flooded with calls, both parties admitted to the hoax, which was really a promotional idea cooked up by the station and Speedway. (For the right price, I’ll change my name to PetMeds.com, by the way.)

Next up is my obsession with the new Old Spice ads. While not exactly foolish, they certainly are so dumb that they’re funny. Plus, the pitchman has a shirtless suave absurdity that I find enjoyable. If I didn’t know what Old Spice actually smelled like, I might even consider buying myself a bottle as a result of these commercials.

With Easter just days away, there is no more foolish way to celebrate the holiday than by watching the bounty of marshmallow Peep-themed videos that populate YouTube. My personal faves being Project Peepway, When Peeps Attack, the so-gross-it’s-entertaining Peep Eating contest, and the exploding Peep in the microwave. For a product that really only makes it into the spotlight once a year, Peeps certainly have become a campy, beloved and recognizable brand.

Lastly, the marketing and promotional geniuses at Fox News have stepped into the center of the bulls-eye by premiering Sarah Palin’s new television show “Real American Stories” on April 1st. If you listen closely… you can actually hear the clacking sound of liberal blogger keyboards around the globe.

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