Intelligent brand marketing through press releases

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Intelligent brand marketing should get a boost through the introduction of real-time search results in the major search engines. Old marketing tactics such as press releases will gain a new lease on life especially if combined with a carefully planned social media campaign. And don’t think that press releases are only for big businesses either – any size business can gain a boost using a carefully crafted press release rich in relevant keywords.

If you follow these basic press release guides you should see an increase in search rankings.

  • Incorporate SEO fundamentals in the press release. This includes optimized titles, keywords and internal links to your own web pages
  • Publishing your press release on your own site with a prominent link to it on your home page
  • Having your press release distributed through a quality distribution agency or having it appear with a reputable news outlet
  • Tweeting links to your press release. Don’t limit this to the link on your own site. Tweet the links to other areas where the press release has been published. Search engines will follow that link.
  • Talk about your press release on any social pages you engage on

Press releases now have long shelf lives. They appear in search results months after their first publication and not only deliver new visitors to your site, they also provide SEO benefits.

Intelligent brand marketing is all about marketing your brand using multiple resources and platforms. The press release is one more tool that is worth considering especially now that real time search is making such inroads.

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