Instagram Marketing Comes Into Focus

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You heard it here first: Your power foursome for social media marketing in 2013 will be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and… Instagram? That’s right! Social media experts are predicting that hipster-ish photo sharing app Instagram is poised to become the next big marketing platform. To sweeten the deal, Instagram has expanded beyond the world of smartphones, and marketers everywhere couldn’t be more thrilled.

Last Tuesday, Instagram trumpeted the arrival of its new profile pages. While the mobile application is super popular, it certainly limits the scope of Instagram’s reach. The new Internet profile pages looks to solve that problem by giving users the ability to view profiles on web browsers, making it even easier to find and follow friends and brands. To illustrate just how simple finding brands is on the new Internet profile pages, Instagram used Nike as an example. By typing “,” users are directed to the company’s photo sharing profile. Presumably, any brand will be able to snag custom urls with its account name. This could be great news for brands for a lot of reasons. First of all, companies that were sharing photos with just app users have instantly grown their audience thanks to the new web browser pages. Secondly, now that Instagram accounts are no longer stuck on small smartphone screens, brands will have an easier time managing their presence. Anybody with the password and a laptop can update, meaning more photos and more updates. Lastly, marketing on Instagram suddenly has more possibilities. Developers and social media managers no longer have to worry about the confines of mobile marketing.

Photo sharing in social media marketing has exploded over the last few years, and we think this more accessible version of Instagram will positively send it over the top. But, readers, what do you think? Are you ready for Instagram marketing or are you over it before it begins? Sound off below!

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