Inside the Machine: Give Your Readers a Backstage Pass

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We human beings are nosy by nature. We want the inside scoop, the dirt and the gossip that brews beneath the surface. This is precisely why behind-the-scenes blogs are so popular. Readers love finding out what really goes down at their favorite businesses, while blogging-for-business gurus love the ease of writing about what’s happening around them on a day-to-day basis. But how do you handle the politics of behind-the-scenes blogging while still managing to make it interesting and fun to read? We’ve scooped up some examples of great backstage blogs to show you how it’s done.

The Editors: This blog from the BBC is behind the scenes with a more informational bent. Readers of The Editors will learn everything from how to work new BBC smartphone apps to inside information on headline-making worldwide news stories. Juicy and fun to read? Not so much, but that isn’t the point here. The Editors goes even deeper with the news and information the BBC is famous for and it makes for a great inspiration for companies who want to give their readers an educational look inside their company.

Bake-Off Blog: The annual Pillsbury Bake-Off is like the World Series with aprons and flour and its competitors are just as serious as real athletes. And that’s what makes reading Pillsbury’s blog so much fun. Pillsbury gave readers an all-access pass to the event, which happened last month, with confessional videos from the contestants, interviews with former winners and photos from the contest. This special event blog makes readers feel like they are there while promoting the brand itself and it’s the kind of behind-the-scenes blogging any company can do from a conference, trade show or awards ceremony.

Anderson Backstage: While the ratings of his talk show might be sagging, Anderson Cooper’s digital presence is truly impressive. The amiable CNN newsman’s Backstage gives readers video blogs from the man himself, off-the-cuff interviews from celebrity guests and his thoughts on his show’s topics of the day. Coop’s style should be considered for businesses who have tons of extra interesting content and lots of interested readers.

But these are just the tip of the insider iceberg! From fashionistas to arts and culture, behind-the-scenes blogs are fun, conversational ways to get readers emotionally connected to your brand. So whatcha waiting for? Start blogging and give us a peek behind the curtain!

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