How to Prevent Blognesia

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There’s nothing worse than reading a blog that someone clearly put a lot of time and effort into only to forget later that you even read the darn thing. Partially we can blame this frequently-recurring phenomenon on our level of Internet information intake. We read so many things throughout the course of a day that it sometimes takes a while for us to remember what we read earlier.

But our “read now, digest later” rituals around Internet information only explains so much when it comes to blog memorability. In reality, the blogs we don’t remember are the ones that are poorly written, lacking personality and/or irrelevant. So how do we prevent our blogs from becoming forgotten fodder?

The simple answer is to stop with the crappy writing already. Yeah, we get it — the Internet is looser grammatically and more open to relaxed writing styles. But at the end of the day, poorly-written blogs repel readers. If you’re not a great writer, hire somebody else who gets your vision to do the dirty work (Hello! Have you met us?). But there’s other options, too. Pack your blog with tips, photos and videos in lieu of the written word.

Which brings us to our next law of avoiding blognesia: Be yourself, darnit. We’ve seen brands flail (and, ultimately, fail) by pretending to be something other than they are in their blogs. People want to read about you and your company because of you and what you offer. So being somebody else is not only forgettable, it’s kind of crazy, too.

Lastly, the biggest thing bloggers can do is write about now. Folks turn to blogs to see what’s happening currently in the blogger’s world. If they wanted to read yesterday’s news, they’d pick up a newspaper (zing!) or a magazine. The biggest advantage blogs have over other types of marketing is the ability to write about the up-to-the-minute happenings in our business. Don’t wait for somebody else to write about it — blog it now and your blog will be sure to be memorable.

So, readers, what makes for a truly memorable blog (or even a website) to you? And on the dishier side, what causes you to instantly forget a blog (assuming you can even remember)? Let us know in the comments section below!

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