Holy Tweet! Spirituality and Self-help Marketed On Twitter

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Amidst tweets about subjects as varied as cupcakes and miracle underwear, the heavy hitters of self-help have taken to Twitter to get the word out about their seminars, books, audio programs and websites. In fact, given the number of followers folks like Deepak Chopra have, it’s clear even Twitts want to hear something inspirational from time to time. I scanned Twitter to see who has committed to spreading their message in 140 characters or less.

No discussion about self-help would be complete without Shirley MacLaine. The Oscar winner was New Age before New Age was cool and was working The Secret before it was thusly named. So it is no wonder that the sage MacLaine has employed the powers of Twitter to speak to her fans and fellow seekers. MacLaine mainly uses the platform to promote her website, which is a sort of one-stop spiritual depot. With everything from horoscopes to Chakra jewelry to performance dates, the site is hip and well-thought-out. Not bad for a lady in her 80s! Maybe she was a web designer in a past life?

HabitChanger.com is a little less, shall we say, transcendental than MacLaine but no less Twitter smart. The company, devoted to helping users find great ways to lose weight, quit smoking and change bad habits, tweets great tips and articles to its followers. Clickable links and interviews direct visitors deeper into the website and to other sources of interest to those looking to change bad habits.

Speaking of old skool self-help, Louise Hay is pretty much the Bill Gates of the genre. Also in her 80s, Hay’s company has published nearly every big self help book in the last 20 years, including her classic You Can Heal Your Life. A self-made mogul and inspirational speaker, Hay tweets affirmations (which I have found useful, especially when I’m trying not to yell at someone in the grocery store parking lot) and dates for upcoming events and new book releases. Again, Hay knows her brand and audience; Twitter is a great place for short mantras and affirmations – the stuff her crowd relies on her for.

One thing is certain: Whether it’s meditation or legwarmers, Twitter marketing continues to flourish. The self-help crowd is at least using it to grow the brands while helping folks. And that’s a good thing in my mind. Can I get an Amen/Om/Nam Myoho Renge Kyo up in here?

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