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Hiring Again

Does it feel like you’re always hiring another communications person? Depending on the size of your company, you either have one person wearing multiple communications hats (writing press releases, handling social media and SEO, performing public relations work, writing blogs, managing your brand, creating videos… you get the idea) or one or more communications persons per category. Regardless, turnover is a pain (and sometimes crippling). This is why Brandsplat exists — to take on these worries for you and ensure you get consistent, spot-on communications without the headaches of turnover. Our stable of writers and communications consultants stand at the ready to assist you.

Case in point: Last week, we were able to help a client save gobs of money when he needed to replace two employees. Rather than hire another two employees with all the costs of benefits like medical/dental and paid time off, he came to us and was able to hire three of our freelance communications experts part-time AND get more years of experience and service out of the deal.

And don’t forget that turnover costs are largely hidden costs: Lowered productivity, overworked remaining staff, lost knowledge, training costs, interviewing costs, the HR staff that has to recruit your next hire, etc. An article in Inc. Magazine says these costs can run as high as 150 percent of the employee’s annual salary — “significant enough to make retention a high priority for your business.”

We have nothing against companies hiring workers on their payroll. But if you’re tired of hiring someone who’s not exactly what you need and watching them stay only long enough to start really performing before getting hired away, it’s time to consider hiring through Brandsplat. We’re experts at finding, training and retaining great people so that you don’t have to. When you’re ready to outsource your headaches, contact us.

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