Here comes the mobile decade. Once again.

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Whenever I hear that the next new thing will be”¦ I cringe. About five years ago I went to a mobile conference where I heard pitch after pitch about how the mobile phone will be the next killer piece of hardware loaded with the next killer apps. At that same conference I saw some pretty amazing things, like the fact you could scan barcodes with your camera enabled phone and get a price and info of a product or you could receive location based texts that offered coupons on nearby goods and services. But most of the companies pitching their wares went away and were replaced by iPhone apps and Blackberry software. Yes, it’s been an amazing ride, but not half as amazing as how they all made it sound. You know, I’m still waiting for my Dick Tracy watch and, by the way, where’s my hovercraft! In an article titled “š “Making way for the mobile decade”   Michael Jones, chief technology advocate for Google says, “š” The mobile phone is for the next decade what the computer has been for the last two or three. The whole experience of the Internet is becoming not a desktop computer experience, but a personal experience. It’s something you’re going to grow up with and you’re going to live with all your life and I think every handheld device will have all of those experiences.”   Really? You promise? Mobile phones will be the next internet? Sounds like a Dick Tracy talk to me.

Enzo F. Cesario

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