Here Comes the Blog: Bridal Blogging is Big Business

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We’ve seen every type of industry — from travel and pet care to fashion and cleaning products — try their hand at blogging for business and succeed. Blog creation and blog marketing are online marketing techniques that any type of business can use to find an audience. But no industry has mastered blogging quite like the wedding industry.

The $90 million wedding industry has taken to blogging like a determined bridesmaid reaching for a tossed bouquet. Simply put, if you’re a caterer, florist, wedding dress designer or event planner, you better have a blog if you want a chance to keep up with your competition.

Wedding blogging is such a big deal that it has become a lucrative industry within an industry. Wedding blog Style Me Pretty, which virtually created the bridal blogging boom back in 2007, brings in a whopping 18 million monthly page views. About the growing wedding blog business, Style Me Pretty founder Abby Larson told XConomy in an email interview yesterday, “We actually saw a couple of blogs pop up from brides who had entered various contests on our site and now their blogs are very much a part of the industry landscape. Now, as you know, the industry is saturated with various online publications and competition is definitely a part of the discussion. It’s actually quite incredible that there are so many resources out there for a bride. She has so much creativity and innovation at her fingertips, and that is always a good thing.” Of course, all of those aforementioned florists, caterers and designers are now advertising on blogs, too. Social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook are jam-packed with bridal industry marketers hoping to get a bite of that billion dollar pie. And there’s no end in sight to the growth.

It’s truly amazing that one day in a person’s life can spawn so many blogs and businesses. Even non-wedding industries should feel inspired to walk down the aisle towards their own blogging empire.

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