Have You Lost that Blogging Feeling?

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Let’s be honest: Blogging for business every single day isn’t always a walk in the park. As we inch close to the end of the year and even closer to the holidays, the task of blog creation tends to get more difficult. Finding great topics, staying inspired, creating dynamic posts and then marketing your blog is something that takes a lot of stamina, creativity and good, old-fashioned effort. So falling out of love with blogging isn’t uncommon. But the trick is to keep going anyway. As an early gift to you, we’ve come up with a few ways to keep that warm and fuzzy blogging feeling alive and well.

The first thing to do to avoid blogging burnout is to stop doing all the heavy lifting yourself. Step away from the laptop and have customers, employees, guest bloggers, social media followers and a trusted ghostwriting agency take over for a few posts. If you blog everyday, letting another blogger fill your pages every now and again is an idea that really makes sense; after all, creating 365 unique and dynamic blog posts by yourself is a task that would drain even the most ambitious bloggers. Using outside bloggers can also bring in new readers and followers and frees you up to focus on marketing your blog, a task that’s just as important as the blog writing itself.

Changing what you post can help you avoid burnout, too. This year we saw image-rich posts develop as a major blog trend, thanks in part to Pinterest and Tumblr. Designating a few days a week to quick, photo-based posts, infographics and videos is faster than writing everyday, and it helps create content with a high viral possibility. Shortening the length of your written posts saves time, too. New data suggest that the sweet spot for blog posts is under 700 words. Try to stay on topic and keep it short. This habit fosters a more concise and direct way of blogging while saving you from feeling completely zapped of original thoughts.

Lastly, maybe it’s time to change how you blog. Falling out of love with blogging can happen easily when it becomes a practice filled with anxiety. Instead of feeling rushed, give yourself more time to research and develop posts. Try taking notes as you peruse your news-feeds and pre-plan your posts. Taking just a few extra minutes to map out your blogs for the upcoming week will help keep you head over heels in love with blogging. Chances are your readers will feel the love, too.

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