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When asked why they are interested in Twitter marketing, most clients say something to the effect of, “Because everybody’s on Twitter!” Turns out our clients might be right. A new study says that Twitter is the fastest growing social network on the planet.

According to Internet research company Global Web Index, 36 percent of all Internet users — roughly 485 million people — have a Twitter account. Account holders who use Twitter at least once a month jumped up 40 percent in the second half of 2012 to an impressive 288 million. These numbers confirm that Twitter is growing faster than both Facebook and Google+. Facebook showed growth of 33.4 percent to 693.5 million while Google+ grew 27.7 percent with 343 million active users. Fifty-nine percent of Twitter account holders are now active on at least a monthly basis, up from 50 percent reported in the first half of 2012, meaning that Twitter is doing a fantastic job driving engagement. Twitter, the study suggests, has now become more than a snappy, social back-and-forth hub. Visitors are also coming simply to read tweets and use the platform as an entertainment and news source.

For marketers and small businesses, the numbers are good news, too. Twitter has always been a valuable platform to get in touch with folks, and now there are even more users to talk to. Thanks to improved search functionality and an ever-updated follower recommendation feature, Twitter users can also make sure they are having a conversation with the right kind of people, too. The odds of finding an audience for your businesses have increased; however, so has the degree of difficulty of standing out on Twitter. Now in the sea of half a billion witty and brilliant tweeters, a clear Twitter strategy has never been more important. Smart, non-spammy content along with regular follower engagement aren’t just good ideas, they’re a matter of Twitter survival.

So, readers, you tell us: How does a brand stand out on Twitter? Sound off below!

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