Great Posts vs. Lots of Posts: Which One Wins?

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“Content! It needs more content!” is something we blogging-for-business experts seem to bark endlessly. We preach this message primarily because we’ve seen first hand how brands can transform their web presence by creating lots of dynamic blog posts. The more content, the better, right? Sort of. Blogs with spammy, uninteresting posts and websites with tons of poorly-written content aren’t doing brands any favors. Then again, neither are the brilliantly-written but never updated blogs we see out there. So we wondered if, once and for all, we could answer the burning question: When it comes to blogging, what wins — quality or quantity?

In a perfect world, the search engine super solution consists of blogs that have lots of great-written posts. Super blogs like Huffington Posts and Mashable have seemingly unlocked this formula. Consistently ranking in the top five most-read blogs on the planet, these two powerhouses are highly read — but that doesn’t mean every story is a winner. Recent headlines tracking celebrity sideboob and online cat videos prove that even the big dudes have bouts of lameness. But what keeps these mega-blogs on top is the never-ending output of new posts. After all, the No. 1 killer of company blogs, hands down, is the inability to keep up with new content production. So it’s better to have lots of something than tons of nothing and therefore quantity wins, yes? By default, sure.

But don’t count quality out entirely. We are in no way giving you a hall pass to create tons of crappy blog posts. Quite the opposite. Brands that want their blogs to be taken seriously have to do both — produce lots of content which is also interesting to read. The quality of your content — whether it be on social media accounts, your product descriptions or your blog — should be a top priority. You are, after all, using digital marketing to introduce consumers to your company and therefore want the impression to be nothing short of awesome.

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