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Go ahead, admit it: You’ve got it going on. You are a master of custom content and blogging for business. The blog you just created is truly genius (if you do say so yourself). So why the heck has no one commented? And worse — why hasn’t it been tweeted and retweeted a zillion times?! This blog was genius… so what the !@#$ happened? Maybe it’s time to make sharing a little easier on your blog audiences.

Social sharing, which is sharing a blog or article on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, is one foolproof way to get your amazing blog in front of more eyes. Well, it’s nearly foolproof. See, your readers don’t really want to copy the link, trot on over to their favorite social network and then finally post another link to your blog. Sure, it’s not that hard… but when it comes to sharing great blogs, we all want it to be easy and super fast. The blogs we read and share all the time — like Gawker, Huffington Post, Daily Beast and the like — achieve solid gold sharing because they make it easy on their readers. With one click, you can tweet or post on your timeline blogs that you love. But simple and sensational social sharing isn’t just for mega-blogs. Every company can (should, even) embed social sharing buttons on their blogs.

The embedding process is now easier than ever and, depending on what blogging platform you use, it can take just a few minutes. Unless you have some crazy operating system or complex server, the whole process can be boiled down to three easy steps:

1.) Get Yourself Some Icons: A simple Google search will turn up icon widgets for the social networks your readers can use to share your blog. Try this cool site that gives you a social media button pack for free.

2.) Upload those widgets!

3.) Stick that not-so-scary HTML code in the appropriate place. On WordPress, the code gets cut and pasted into the text widget, while on Blogger, the code is placed in a designated widget area.

This might take some fiddling, Googling and more fiddling. But we’re pretty sure you can get easy social sharing ready for your readers in a matter of moments! Once sharing is made easy, all you need is some fantastic blog creation for those times when your genius is working on something else. Lucky for you, we know just the guys for the job.

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