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In the beginning, most of our clients are convinced that blog content management has to be a long, painful daily process that will suck out all of their creativity energy. But as we work our magic for them, they start to see that taking care of your corporate blog need not be a time-sucking and painful exercise. In fact, over the years we’ve found a few easy tips anyone can use to promote their blog in under 10 minutes a day. Here’s three of the most simple and time-efficient tips to get you started.

The first thing you should do after your brilliant blog has been posted is tweet. Unlike any other social media platform, Twitter drives readers to blogs and if you have a strong following it should do the same thing for you. To make things even easier, make sure your blog has a Twitter badge so you can tweet right after you read it (and so your readers and employees can do the same thing, too). And don’t just tweet your hot-off-the-press posts. Use Twitter to get traffic for underrated blog gems of the past, as well. There’s even a bunch of nifty tools to help you tweet posts automatically after you’ve posted them.

The next speedy thing you can do is add your blog to a directory. This is so simple and takes under 10 minutes. Each directory, from BlogNation to Blog-Bunch, has its own set of procedures and logins, but the few minutes it takes to untangle them are worth it. Blog directories get major traffic worldwide, so why shouldn’t your blog get listed, too? The best part? Most blog directories are free! This is an excellent list of blog directories, by the way.

Our third easy-speedy blog marketing tip is start using a social bookmarking tool like StumbleUpon or Delicious. Yes, these tools are a great way to customize the way you browse the web, but they are also incredible places for people to find your blog. While bookmarking other blogs you love, don’t forget to bookmark your own. By doing so, you are literally putting your business’ blog on the radar for millions of readers. Giving your posts a thumbs up or a like takes seconds and could grow your audience in unexpected ways.

Readers, now you tell us. What are your secret ninja tips for getting the word out about your blog? Share your wealth of information below!

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