Google’s YouTube encourages better video content for news freaks.

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The good old days of feasting your eyes on a kid making a fool of himself dressed as a Jedi are fading fast and Google knows it. Google”™s YouTube recently unleashed Reporters Center , an offering that”™s aimed at both professional journalists and any amateur who wields a digital video camera. There”™s no doubt that slicker content is gaining momentum on the web. As I”™ve mentioned in an earlier post , sites like Hulu are attracting large audiences with videos made by the pros. This play by Google is interesting because it is trying to up the quality by inviting the pros in, while at the same time giving their current base of amateur reporters the skills and techniques that will raise the bar. Matt Cutts who is well known as Google”™s SEO guru has been evangelizing about better content in recent months and it looks like Reporters Center is the type of thing that Cutts has been talking about. It”™s a win-win situation as content will get better and better. But you have to worry if content gets so good that it drowns out videos like the numa numa kid.

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