Google’s creative commons image filter makes debut.

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Google lobs one back into the Bing court by announcing a “creative commons” search filter for images that are queried on Google. This is good news for bloggers and art directors who scour the web for free images that can be used to spiff up that blog or make their comps sing. According to Business Insider, “search results can be filtered by “labeled for reuse,” “commercial” reuse,” “reuse with modification,” and “commercial reuse with modification.” It”™s a pretty cool feature, but in my opinion, it still takes longer to find images on Google than it does on Bing. Bing is lightening-fast and has some nifty filters categorized under size, layout, color, style and people. For me, speed trumps nuance filters like the one announced by Google. But don”™t let that sway you. Take it out for a test drive yourself right here.

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