Good Writers Hire Ghostwriters, Too

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Good Writers Hire Ghostwriters, Too


Good Writers Hire Ghostwriters, Too

Here’s something that surprises our clients: You don’t have to be a bad writer to hire a ghostwriter.

“Sure,” they say after a moment. “Even good writers run out of time to write.”

Indeed. But being overcommitted isn’t the reason good writers hire ghostwriters, either. At least, it isn’t the only reason.

“Well,” they say, “maybe some good writers don’t like to write.”

That’s also true — and also not why good writers hire us.

Here are 8 reasons good writers hire Brandsplat to ghostwrite for them:

1. We give you a fresh look at your products and services.

Face it — you’re too wrapped up in your business to look at it objectively. That’s where we come into play. We can tell you what translates, what doesn’t and how to make your message ring true.

2. We improve your sales.

Sales require leads, and leads require traffic. Traffic requires content — lots and lots of content. Even good writers who like to write AND have the time to do so get sick of it or run out of ideas eventually. Our team of experienced content strategists takes that fresh look at your company and gets down to work.

3. We save your company money.

Good writers know that their time is worth much more to their company than the going hourly ghostwriter’s rate. And outsourcing is smart, because it avoids all the overhead associated with benefits and talent scouting. We’ve already assembled the Dream Team — pass us the ball.

4. We provide a professional image for your company.

Some good writers can string together stirring content but can’t edit worth a darn. Others are great at research and ferreting out typos but not at the big picture type of writing needed to really make a point. With Brandsplat, you get all of the above.

5. We keep up with trends so you don’t have to.

We know what the most recent Google algorithm changes mean for SEO, and we know when to use Vine vs. Instagram Video. Unless you really dig reading about all that, farm it out.

6. We measure and demonstrate our effectiveness.

True, not every aspect of effective blogging and social media can be measured with data. But there should be a positive trend line. When you hire Brandsplat writers to boost your marketing efforts, we show you the effect we’ve had so you can feel good about your decision.

7. We keep you out of trouble.

You know the intern who turned out great blogs all summer? Did you double check the source of the content? Yeah, might want to do that next time. Even without your company having to face legal action over “repurposed” content, your Google page rank will take a hit if Google senses you’re not writing your own stuff. Keep your company out of hot water with Brandsplat.

8. We partner with you to overcome challenges.

When we work with you, we become personally invested in your success. We think about content strategy for your business even when we’re not clocked in. We can’t help it. So when you hire Brandsplat, you don’t get a few blogs written. You get a team of engaged, enthusiastic writers who geek out over spreading the word about your company. While we’re not karma experts, we’ve got to believe that’s a good thing.

Contact us today and get more than you bargained for.


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