Good news is no news.

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In a recent TechCrunch article I read about a new website sponsored by Sears and AOL that pushes “Good News” to readers. It’s called GoodNewsNow or GNN. Erick Schonfeld, writer for TechCrunch says, “GNN is like a cross between a bad advertorial and a splog.” Whether or not you agree with it’s “badness” , one thing is certain; what the hell does good news have to do with Sears? Or AOL for that matter. Am I to believe that when I step into my local Sears and browse for the ballpeen hammers, I’m supposed to associate good, wholesome news with my shopping experience? I think Sears would be better off devoting a website to showcasing great products, or advice on how you can save money during a recession by a little do-it-yourself elbow grease and products purchased from Sears. At least that would make sense. But good news? I don’t buy it.

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