Gobble Gobble Tweet:Thanksgiving Tips From Social Media

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Gobble Gobble Tweet:Thanksgiving Tips From Social Media

A recent survey dropped this week just in time for Thanksgiving that confirmed what we already know: even on the holidays we can’t stop checking our email, Facebook, or Twitter. Xobni along with Harris Interactive found that 60 percent of working Americans will be checking their work emails this holiday season. As obnoxious as that sounds it’s really not that hard to believe as we are a culture that grows more and more tech addicted every day. Naturally, many brands are relying on our social media and internet dependence this Thanksgiving to push products while helping fledgling cooks in the kitchen. We found a trio of companies using social media and technology to gobble up new fans.

Turkey titan Butterball has taken to Facebook to answer last minute cooking questions from nervous Thanksgiving chefs. Using expert turkey bloggers, Butterball addresses burning questions like to brine or not to brine, when to start defrosting, and how to perfectly carve. Butterball’s Facebook page directs fans to the company’s website for more turkey TLC. Williams-Sonoma, fresh off a product placement win by ending up on Oprah’s Favorite Things, has also turned Thanksgiving into a social media affair. The purveyor of fancy pie plates is using Twitter to alert users of last minute products they might need for the big day. But the company really hits it out of the park with their videos on YouTube. All things turkey are covered here from stuffing and roasting to basting and brining. Naturally the videos slyly plug products from Williams-Sonoma that cooks are going to clamor for. Lastly, Digital Laundry has come up with a handy-dandy iPhone app entitled iFeast. iFeast plans out your shopping lists, cooking times, and cleaning tasks. Using alerts, the app tells you when it’s time to move on to the next item on your list. iFeast also has over 20 classic holiday recipes and preset menus organized by a chef’s specific needs and level of skill.

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