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‘Tis the season to ooh and aah at clever online video creation. We’re talking about Super Bowl ads — still. The fact is the Internet has made dishing about commercials from the Big Game even easier and more engaging. Every blog has opinions about which spots were the best and which ones stunk up their living rooms. Not to be left out, here’s our three favorite Super Bowl Ads along with tips on how to infuse your own videos with some of that high-end ad agency magic.

Goat 4 Sale: This Doritos spot is down right weird, a little creepy and somehow still adorable. If you missed it, the spot follows a man who buys a Doritos munching goat from a dude in a neck-brace. This new relationship quickly goes awry when the goat gobbles up his owner’s hundreds of bags of Doritos. As the owner makes his own “Goat 4 Sale” sign, the goat screams and things get spooky yet hilarious. This ad works because it’s weird and people like weird (or they at least like talking about weird). Even low-budget Internet commercials with that “WTF”-factor go viral and get folks chatting. So don’t be afraid to inject your videos with a shot of strange.

The Effect: This banned ad for SodaStream features dueling banjos and two bumbling Coke and Pepsi delivery guys. It’s funny and certainly makes the case for using SodaStream to make your own soda at home. Yet the real reason this commercial works is that it has an opinion and has gotten folks talking. CBS banned the ad, but it didn’t matter — the spot has nearly 4 million views. Online videos with strong opinions, like those with humor, get views and attention… so if your brand has something to say, say it in a video!

#SteerTheScript: Using Twitter hashtags and Jimmy Fallon, Lincoln called upon consumers to create its Super Bowl ad. Twitter users literally steered the script of the ad, and the results are funny and innovative. We love how this spot uses a combination of creativity, social media and crowd sourcing. Getting followers to engage and interact with your video to help dictate future content, answer questions and create new videos is a fabulous idea anybody with a brand and a social media following can do.

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