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Why get your SEO advice from a dweeby droner when you can get it from an opinionated, well-informed woman wearing a viking helmet? For a delicious mix of entertainment and SEO advice for the small/mid-sized business, check out SEO chicks, an all female blog dedicated to the art/science of SEO. I especially liked a recent post by Judith Lewis titled, “Thou Shalt Not Suffer An SEO To Live“.    Here’s an excerpt:

“As small and medium businesses struggle to rank well for things they hold stock of and should be authoritative for, they all cry out the same thing “˜just tell us what we are doing wrong’ and Google, in its benevolence created the bible Webmaster Guidelines.  Transgressions of these guidelines are punishable by being smote by the one true Google but not all transgressions are recorded in the book.”

It’s good stuff. If you like what you see, become a real fan by purchasing a snazzy Tee.

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