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Perhaps you’re just dipping your toes into the blog creation and blog marketing pool. It might appear as though by blogging for your business, your blog probably wont be seen by very many people beyond your devoted group of followers. Maybe. But maybe not. Thanks to the easy practice of Twitter marketing, your blog could develop a long and far-reaching life — one that could even lead to big-time book deals.

Okay, so we can’t promise that people will want to buy your book based on your blog about shoe repair, but hey, crazier things have happened, right? In fact, we’ve seen dozens of writers and small brands catapult their blogs into big deals just by diligently using Twitter. Twitter, with its limited characters and lightening-fast results, takes well-read blogs and gives them the instant satisfaction treatment. Lots of super-popular blogging stars — like The Bloggess, for example — use Twitter to continue the conversations started on their blogs while chatting about new things that come up while live on Twitter. The Bloggess, thanks to her one-woman PR juggernaut on Twitter, has a hotly-anticipated memoir coming out this spring.

This pattern of blog to Twitter to book has become somewhat of a blueprint for new authors and wannabe Internet stars. So why couldn’t the brilliantly, witty thoughts you have on Twitter translate into a bestseller? But let’s say you don’t want to be the next David Sedaris; you just want people to find your blog and your company. Twitter can still totally help with that. Recently, I worked on a project with a staffing agency who wanted to use their blog to give job searching tips. I thought it was a great idea, but knew in order for the blog to get real traction, Twitter would have to be utilized. After some convincing, they now use Twitter to post new jobs, start conversations about career changes and direct folks back to their informative blog.

In the end, your company blog, even if it is about shoe repair, deserves to be read — and Twitter is a fantastic way to bring readers to you. And who knows… if you tweet with finesse, you could end up on the best seller list.

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