Four Ingredients in the Brandsplat Secret Recipe for Content Marketing Greatness

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Four Ingredients in the Brandsplat Secret Recipe for Content Marketing Greatness


Easy, Col. Sanders: We’re not giving away the store. But we’ll share a portion of our secret recipe for content marketing greatness with you today. (Psst! Check back every week for more ingredients and eventually you’ll have all the ingredients you need!) Why would we share this information with you, knowing you could apply these tips yourself, you ask? Because what’s great for content anywhere is great for content everywhere. We don’t want a sloppy Internet. Besides, we’re betting if you cook up great content using our tips, you’ll have more success than you have time to deal with and then you’ll look to us to take over!

So, without further ado, here are a few tips for tasty content:

1. Focus on the benefits, not the features:

Go beyond writing about a particular product or service’s features — instead, write about the benefits of the product or service. This allows your target audience to imagine themselves and their lives being made better in the short- or long-term. That’s ultimately what closes the deal for you.

2. Use an active voice:

Too many great ideas have failed to be communicated due to passive voice syndrome. Education is key to ensuring your idea isn’t next.

3. Use bulleted lists:

Bullets help readers more quickly understand how much content they’re agreeing to read — an important part of the give-and-take relationship of content marketing. Every time we write a blog, we know that we’re asking someone to give us the time it will take them to read something in exchange for the information

4. Be brief:

Along the lines of #3, remember that keeping your content short and sweet helps keep readers engaged with your piece — and keeps them coming back for more. One caveat, however: Make sure you don’t sacrifice the proper content tone for the sake of brevity. No one wins when that happens.

Got your hands full in the kitchen? Need help whipping up some delicious content? Let Brandsplat be your sous chef. Give us a call today at 800-299-5498 or email us at hello [at] brandsplat [dot] com and watch us cook!


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