Four Free Tools and Tricks to Beef up Your Blog

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So you can’t shell out big bucks for some fancy web designer or SEO superstar. So what? You can still spiff up that dusty blog with some affordable (and by affordable, we mean free) tools that easily can be found and downloaded. From videos to new themes, the web is filled with blogging delights that are yours for the taking. Here are four of our favorite free blog fixer-uppers.

  1. Invite your blog to the corporate mixer: Take your blog where it can be seen by your peers over at LinkedIn. Your blog can be fondled and forwarded by all of your networking schmoozer friends when it appears in their LinkedIn updates. WordPress, LinkedIn and Blog Link are two great complimentary apps that get your blog seen by important eyes.
  2. Plug in New Plugins: Beef up your Blogger BlogSpot with some nifty add-ons. Google’s blogging platform takes a beating by Internet snobs for being too cheap and cheesy looking. Whatever. It’s free and it can look fabulous with free Google-supported widgets. is your destination for BlogSpot therapy with oodles of cool widgets and new blog gadgets.
  3. Putting the Woo in WordPress: For WordPress Bloggers, it’s all about the theme. Sure, we’d all like to be able to afford a fancy custom theme – but for those of us who can’t, there is free help. Woo Themes has dozens of awesome and not overused themes for WordPress. Some, like the totally sleek Morning After theme, are completely free. Woo hoo!
  4. Give it a Touch of Video: If you’re too busy to produce your own videos but would like to post videos on your blog, we have your solution. Community Video has a rock star collection of public domain and free videos ripe and ready to be picked and placed on your blog. Some of the films are pretty random, others are surprisingly beautiful – and all of them are free.

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