Flexing the SEO Marketing Muscle

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There are a few elementary things we should all do every day to make our lives better. Things like eat green leafy vegetables. Drink one gallon of water every day. Get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Meditate for at least 30 minutes. And rely on SEO marketing to increase your business. Yup, SEO has turned into an essential tool to help market and grow your business. Better yet, like the other rules to live by, it’s cheap and easy to implement into your daily regime.

Studies and polls have been floating around online about how online retailers now have come to rely on SEO as “the most cost-efficient and broadly effective form of marketing, digital or otherwise,” according to Tom Deemers, director of marketing at WordStream, the Google-approved maker of WordStream Keyword Management for SEO software. Deemers and his team conducted an independent study of online retailers, finding that 83 percent of those surveyed said their websites were currently optimized for search engines and 95 percent touted SEO as a vital marketing tool for their business.

So how do we flex our SEO muscles? For the ultimate SEO advice I say go directly to the source : Google. Who knows more about search engine optimization than the people who darn near invented the thing? Google’s SEO tutorial helps clear the air about what SEO does, what to avoid, what to look for and the truth behind some common misconceptions. Google even outlines how to contact the FTC if you feel you’ve been cheated by a bunk SEO firm. The main things we can walk away from in our SEO workout with Google are easy to remember: research potential SEO experts thoroughly before you commit, understand what exactly SEO firms do and remember nobody can guarantee you a No. 1 ranking on Google.

Studies and advice aside, the straight talk on SEO is pretty simple. It’s an easy and relatively low-cost channel to help your business grow.

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