Five Videos You Might Have Missed!

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Been too busy wrapping gifts and sending off emails to watch the latest and greatest in online video creation? We thought so… and that’s exactly why we came up with a special edition of our weekly list of five things you might have missed — with a viral video twist. Let our driving dogs, lovestruck snowmen and other delights inspire your own video masterpieces!

1.) Life Like the Internet: This series of commercials for Google Analytics from the UK tops our list for being truthfully hilarious. The spots imagine what would happen if a grocery store behaved annoyingly like the Internet with hard-to-find items, suggestions for stuff you really don’t want and an obnoxious checkout system that times out, forcing you to start over. With the charming British accents and laser-like precision for parody, this video campaign brilliantly skewers the very culture it promotes.

2.) Sacred Pudding Cups: We here at Brandsplat have been surprised how few advertisers have tapped into the whole 12-21-12 end of the world hubbub, because on paper it would appear to be the kind of thing ripe for easy parody. We were even more surprised that JELL-O pudding was the brand to make fun of the potential Apocalypse. The commercial features a team of explorers who travel to the top of Mayan pyramid with the offering of JELL-O pudding cups, apparently attempting to appease the Mayan gods. We’ll find out on the 22nd if this idea worked. Let’s just hope they like chocolate flavor.

3.) Grinch-proof Marketing: This touching video for European retailer John Lewis might be our favorite Christmas commercial of the season. A snowman on a mission for a great gift for his snowlady makes for the best almost-cry video since the Hallmark ads from yesteryear.

4.) But Can Your Dog Do This?: Mini Cooper has literally gone to the dogs. In one of the rare “How did they do that?” moments in viral advertising this year, the car company shows a team of talented dogs, mainly the adorably scruffy Porter, that can actually drive. With a short track and a skilled dog trainer, Porter and his pals drive like pros — and we the viewers are left smiling like little kids.

5.) Despite All the Rage: In closing, we thought we would finally satisfy your lifelong curiosity to see people dressed as mice running on a giant wheel inside a huge cage in pursuit of a box of cheesy crackers. Don’t mention it… it’s the least we could do. Happy Holidays!

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