Five Things You Might Have Missed — Video Edition!

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For many brands, online video creation has quickly become a main component of a great custom content campaign. Video campaigns are so sought after, we’ve decided to devote an entire “Five Things You Might Have Missed” to branded viral videos that inspire, confuse and amuse!

1.) McExplanation: Video campaigns can be a great way to talk to customers while showing them what’s going on at your company. McDonald’s Canada launched a “Your Questions” campaign to address the comments and questions submitted by online followers. This highly-watched video shows what goes on behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot. The video demystifies why the burgers on TV look so different than the ones in the store while positioning McDonald’s as a brand that’s not afraid to talk to its consumers.

2.) Helping Grandma Hilda: Sometimes video content can be a great supplement to a social media campaign. Take this video from Renault for example. The French car company had a successful Facebook storytelling campaign this spring with the tale of Grandma Hilda, an 80-year-old who decided to give her Renault 4 away to the brand’s Facebook friends. The only problem? She lost the keys. Fans “helped her look” for the keys with tags on Facebook photos, and the winner who found them got Grandma’s car. The video here helps keep the story alive while showing the company’s success with the campaign.

3.) Shiny Surface: Videos are also great brand hype machines. A slick video with the right music can be more effective than a thousand print campaigns. Racking in over 6 million views in a matter of days, this spot for Microsoft’s tablet dubbed the Surface is proof positive of just that. Like the best teaser campaigns, Microsoft has given tech nerds just enough shots of the product to drool over while not bogging the video down with too many bells and whistles.

4.) Hugs: Clever is the name of the game for branded videos that get watched over and over again. This spot for Oxelo brake-equipped rollerblades has clever in spades. It features a soft, melancholy song and shots of people hugging things: poles, trees, strangers, cars. The twist? These are all rollerbladers with no brakes.

5.) Kisses: Lastly, we round our video-tastic list with a commercial from Coca-Cola which features that ever-coveted “aww” factor. The video shows security cameras around the world that capture friendly crimes like “stealing kisses” and “friendly gangs.” Nobody does feel good viral video like Coke, and this one is really “aww-inspiring.”

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