Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Just because we love you, we’ve gathered up the best of the best and packaged them in a shiny little package we like to call “Five Things You Might Have Missed.”

1.) Our Number One About Number Two: We hate to give even more publicity to but this website and the groan-inducing video that accompanies it is either a brilliant take on social media crowd sourcing for non-profit or cynicism-meets-activism at its all-time worst. Either way, the campaign, which asks followers to “give a shit” about causes close to them, is subtly fighting apathy while using social media to get big-time attention.

2.) “LOL and Lose” is a Win: The advergame has gotten a giant shot in the arm thanks to Facebook and Twitter this year, but this game from Frijj milkshakes relies on awesomely bad YouTube videos. Players of the game are pitted against one another to see who cracks up first upon watch YouTube video hilarity. First one to laugh loses, but Frijj scores a win for this inventive and funny game.

3.) Horsemaning is Put Out to Pasture: The folks over at Gawker called for media professionals to stop covering every little Internet craze like horsemaning, owling and cone-ing. We agree. The goofy charm wore off and once Hoda and Kathie Lee have covered it, it’s officially over.

4.) Barbrachino: File this one under bizarre branding synergy… We were surprised when we stepped into the local Starbucks this week to find out the place had gone bonkers for Babs. That’s right, everybody’s favorite legal speed dealer and everybody’s favorite gay icon have teamed up for wacky cross-promotion fun, including an exclusive web concert for Barbra Streisand fans. Not only does this unique pairing signal the gravitas of the emerging Starbucks Digital Network, but the huge response cements that Streisand is still an iconic celebrity brand.

5.) Sexism Takes the Wheel: Finally, we pulled up to the bumper of a positively misogynistic vintage television commercial for Goodyear Polyglas tires. The laughable yet just plain wrong copy about women drivers is listworthy for showing that when it comes to car commercials, we really have come a long way, baby.

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