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One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do, so we’ve come up with five nifty stories from the world of social media, marketing and branding to keep you company.

1.) Picking up Chicks: Orange, the UK’s coolest tech and mobile company, ran an interactive campaign last week called Predict-a-Chick. In the good-natured guessing game, visitors to the site were encouraged to predict which numbered egg would hatch first or guess the heaviest chick. Winners got prizes, lovers of fuzzy cute things got to ooh and ahh and Orange scored some major traffic to its site. Well done!

2.) One Bad Apple: Thanks to i09 for pointing out these ridiculous Snow White apple snacks from Disney. Talk about a treat to avoid. Jeez. What’s next? Bambi burgers? Sleeping Beauty sewing kits? On the other hand, those could be a great snack for kids desperately in need of a nap.

3.) Bigotry, Made in the USA: In another “so glad I don’t have to do PR for that company” story, American Apparel made headlines for the big, fat settlement it awarded to a former employee who claimed his boss at the troubled clothing company called him the N-word. The man walked away with $345K — and American Apparel walked away with its tail between its legs. This is a listmaker to remind us our brand has to have integrity at all times or it will pay the price.

4.) Team Loyalty Goes Extreme: BandSports came up with the ultimate way for soccer lovers to express themselves: a parental control plug-in that blocks every team but your favorite. It’s a buzzworthy product complete with a snappy video explaining how it works.

5.) The Return of Big Red: If you’ve never had a Big Red soda, you’re missing out. The soft drink, which features a taste that falls somewhere between hummingbird feeder liquid and Mountain Dew dyed the color of cherry Kool-Aid, has a major cult following. And it finally joined the digital revolution this month with its first advertisement in 25 years! While the commercial is corny and perhaps wasn’t worth the wait, we applaud the brand for showing up to the viral party.

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