Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Where, oh where is a busy mover and shaker like yourself supposed to go to get the latest in online marketing news? Look no further. Our weekly list of five marketing news stories you might have missed has everything you want to know in an easy-to-read, condensed list! Let’s get started, shall we?

1.) Hashtags are #Everywhere: When hashtags are showing up in restrooms, you know we’ve officially crossed over. Attendees at Wednesday’s CMT Awards were greeted with messages like, “Hopefully your tweets are better than your aim. #CMTawards” when visiting the restrooms at Bridgestone Arena. Since the awards were voted on by fans, CMT encouraged attendees to tweet and use the hashtags throughout the show.

2.) I Can’t Believe it Took So Long: We don’t know why it’s 2013 and only now is Paula Deen getting her own brand of butter. But we do know somebody on Team Deen must have figured out that when its comes to Paula the brand, we like her better with butter. This new line of finishing butters will be sold at — wait for it — WalMart. Again, duh.

3.) PR Stunts at New Heights: To promote video/social media/mobile app Vine, founder Jack Dorsey went straight to the top. Dorsey climbed to the top of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge and filmed a series of six-second videos which feature jaw-dropping views and more than a couple of scares.

4.) Wrapping Up Hunger: Soup Kitchen Stockholm found a cool way to show that in order to fight hunger, you don’t necessarily need money. The non-profit printed sandwich wrappers with the message, “We don’t want your money. But we want your bread.” The creative and cool campaign, according to, “encourages people to make an extra sandwich, wrap it, and give it to a homeless person, with the aim that they get involved in the issue of homelessness, and break down prejudice by spending five minutes talking to homeless people.”

5.) Mystery Solved: Know what makes Grumpy Cat grumpy? According to this new billboard created by high schooler JT DeMarco, drinking at prom is behind that sourpuss. A junior from Elizabeth, Pa., DeMarco beat out dozens of other student-created campaigns by using America’s favorite foul feline. DeMarco didn’t, however, get permission to use Grumpy Cat’s image for the billboard, so we’ll see if a copyright dispute goes from grumpy to downright ugly.

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