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Far be it from us to stand in the way between you, some fireworks and a grilled wiener. So here now are five fascinating tidbits which will help you claim your independence from bad news stories. Enjoy!

1.) May the Work Force Be With You: Mindflash came up with the Jedi Trainer’s Guide to Employee Management, posted it this week and a viral infographic sensation was born. The popularity of the 8bit phenomenon proves that workplace humor never goes out of style — and neither does Star Wars.

2.) Sure Beats a Bag of Peanuts: Google has partnered with the oh-so tech savvy (and stylish) Virgin American Airlines to give passengers on select flights an exclusive test drive of the company’s new computer dynamo Chromebook. It’s a smooth move from both brands, and we just love seeing what social media and tech shenanigans Virgin will come up with next.

3.) A Surefire Summer Sensation: Look, all you really need to know is that this video for Target features a giant sprinkler. If you don’t feel the urge to bust out the slip n’ slide after this clip, you have some serious issues.

4.) The Rest of the Picture: To promote its new panorama camera, Sony has come up with a pair of clever spots that took Cannes by storm earlier this month. The ads ask what really happened during two famous photographs of Einstein and Marilyn. This makes the list because the commercials are fun but also effective. We seriously want one of those cameras now.

5.) Marketing Wizardry: Pottermore is the latest sign that JK Rowling is a branding genius. The site is part social, part game and all Harry Potter. Not only are fans breathlessly awaiting the release of the final film, but now they can’t wait to take their Hogwarts-loving selves online. Nobody does it better than Rowling.

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