Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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We here at Brandsplat comb the web for the best stories around from Facebook, mobile marketing, online video creation and beyond. If it happened in content marketing this week, we have it on our Five Things You Might Have Missed List!

1.) Facebook is Still Watching You: The upside? Facebook might have finally found a way to make money off of ads while making brands happy. In case you missed it, CNET reports that “Facebook announced Tuesday that it had started a small test to let advertisers and agencies use Facebook Exchange (FBX) to serve re-targeted ads — specifically called “Page post link ads” — to your News Feed, which, of course, is Facebook’s prime real estate. These ads take into account people’s browsing behavior outside Facebook, as captured through cookies, with the aim of offering up messages about products they’ve already shown interest in.” The downside? Facebook is now tracking users outrightly and never lets them forget their being watched.

2.) Where an App Can be an App: Think your old pal Chuck E. Cheese is content just playing skee-ball and not joining the mobile marketing revolution? Think again! Everybody’s favorite pizza-loving mouse has come out with a nifty photo-sharing smartphone app which incorporates easy sharing functionality to post snapshots to Facebook and Twitter or to send via email. Users also can use the app to “submit photos to the Chuck E. Cheese’s website for a chance to see their images on the site, as well as on Chuck E. Cheese’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages,” according to ClickZNews.

3.) Long Live the ’90s: If you missed the ’90s celebration that is the most recent Internet Explorer ad, you might be the only one. The spot — filled with snap bracelets, Hungry Hippos and old school modems — has garnered an impressive 26 million views on YouTube since its debut back in January. Yet it makes our list here in March for being a viral ad that tips its hat to the past while selling the future.

4.) Equality Memes: This week saw no shortage of equality memes on social networks. The logo — adorned with everything from bacon and Paula Deen to Bert and Ernie — was everywhere. It’s hard to say how effective this kind of thing is from a social media standpoint, but there’s no question the Human Rights Campaign logo done up in red and pink is now an undisputed icon of the brand and the movement.

5.) The Return of the Twitter Rant: Looks like we still haven’t learned the Twitter marketing lesson of “a bad tweet never dies.” From the racist rant of Robert Zimmerman to the angry words of Argentina’s president, folks still are tweeting dumb stuff and then having to apologize later. Here’s a revolutionary thought: Why not think before you tweet and avoid this whole mess altogether?

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