Five Things You Might Have Missed!

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Five_things_you_might_have_missed! 3.23.13

What do you get yourself when your favorite social media site has a birthday? How do you avoid turning into your dad? Is a cyborg attack inevitable? The answers to these and other titillating questions from the online marketing universe can be found right here in our list of Five Things You Might Have Missed.

1.) Appy Birthday: Did you miss Twitter’s 7th birthday this week? Don’t feel too bad about it. Something tells us the little bird got plenty of gifts. But it’s never too late to celebrate the wonder that is Twitter marketing by getting yourself a few goodies. The Wall Street Journal came up with an excellent list of must-have-apps for Twitter marketers, many of which are free!

2.) Google Glass Backlash: Oh, boy. Nothing ushers in a full-fledged attack of consumer haterade than a new and confusing bit of technology, and the much-ballyhooed Google Glass is elbows-deep in precisely that. Online campaigns wanting to “Stop the Cyborgs” and the moniker of “glasshole” have picked up press. But you can’t deny our collected interest in this yet-to-be-released piece of eye-level connected screen and camera technology. A video demonstrating Google Glass released in February has already racked up nearly 19 million YouTube views.

3.) Viva Corporate Blogging: As champions of the powerful platform that is blogging, we were thrilled to see this article from Canada’s Globe and Mail. The entry profiled how companies of all sizes can use blogging to fix PR problems, educate consumers and help spread the word about “company culture.”

4.) Find the Lookalikes: Thanks to Cynthia Boris over at Marketing Pilgrim for pointing out a nifty new Facebook marketing tool called “lookalike audiences.” The “Custom Audience” tool “lets you carve out a subset of current customers based on certain criteria. You can choose only people who live in a particular city, a certain age range, a particular gender or by interests,” writes Boris. Is this another miss from Facebook marketing or a tool worth our time? According to Boris, “What really makes this work is Facebook’s ability to scoop up and sort all types of personal data. Having a person’s zip code and age is nice, but knowing who loves dancing and who loves hockey goes a lot further in the ad world.”

5.) Dad Issues: We haven’t had a good, goofy ad campaign from Mentos in quiet sometime. So hooray for its new series of ads which begs consumers “Don’t Become Your Dad.” It’s a funny, good time that covers dad’s responses to hot tubs, riding in cars with strangers and technology.

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